• Men's Health including Testosterone Replacement Therapy/hormone optimization 
  • Performance ehancement protocol for men and women to help achieve fitness goals
  • Weight loss programs including peptides and other medications
  • Peptides for anti-aging, immune support and joint pain
  • Medical Marijuana Certification Exams

At Stracuzzi Family Health, our goal is to provide high quality and affordable care at the convenience of the patient.


Why Us?

Patrick Stracuzzi grew up in the Hudson Valley area and has a vested interest in improving the health of the community. He served in the Air National Guard for 6 years before graduating with his Master’s degree in Nursing. Patrick is married with two children and is living in West Hurley, NY. There is a huge need for the services offered at Stracuzzi Family Health. Patrick Truly feels that Mens Health has been neglected. He also feels that his treatments are a great way to improve the health and wellness of the general population. His treatment protocols are safe, effective and affordable!

An effective way to improve the quality of life of people with safe and effective treatments.