Men's Health and hormone optimization including (but not limited to) Testosterone Replacement Therapy, erectile dysfunction and more. Performance Enhancement with Peptides and other medications to help maintain your edge. Wellness and Immune Support Weight loss Program with medically safe and affordable medications. Medical Marijuana Evaluation Exams

Patrick has a vested interest in improving the health of the local community. He believes in true preventable care that incorporates lifestyle interventions, holistic and traditional medicine.  We believe that the relationship between clinician and patient is what is missing in healthcare. We are striving to restore that relationship so that we can provide excellent healthcare in a caring, listening, and holistic environment. When you combine this with the improved accessibility that you’ll experience, it is quite remarkable how much better the experience can be. It’s like having a nurse practitioner in the family!

The fees include medication needed for therapy and unlimited Visits with Stracuzzi Family Health providers. Insurance doesn't cover the types of services provided. 

The current law is controversial based on the current wording. There is a law pending called the Primary Care Enhancement act which may change this completely. Your lab fees, imaging, and other charges outside of Stracuzzi Family Health are eligible.   At Stracuzzi Family Health, we can supply you with a receipt of services and you can submit to the insurance company to see if they can apply a visit to your deductible. I will tell you that it varies by insurance companies whether they will do this service.